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Karoun Dairies authentic handmade Mediterranean cheeses

Karoun string cheese, original braided string cheese, Ackawi cheese, Karoun Nabulsi cheese, Mediterranean grilling cheese and a vast variety of handmade cheeses and natural yogurts are made with love and passion.

Only traditional cheese making technology is used to produce all natural handmade cheeses: authentic handmade Karoun cheese.

Karoun cheeses all natural handmade Mediterranean cheese and Mediterranean specialty dairy products do not contain any additive.

KAROUN DAIRIES Mediterranean dairy products are produced according to genuine traditions and rigorous KAROUN DAIRIES quality standards for your health.
KAROUN DAIRIES Companies pursues the objective set by the founder and CEO of Karoun Dairies, Mr. Ara Baghdassarian, to make available to every individual fresh all natural dairy products of superior quality through innovation, commitment, excellence and excitement.

Karoun is a family-run cheese and dairy business founded in 1931

Original Karoun Dairy products, whatever the brand, sponsored and controlled by the authentic Karoun Dairies, are always stamped with KAROUN LOGO

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