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KAROUN dairy (Laiterie KAROUN) was established in Beirut, in 1931, by Ohannes Baghdassarian who, appropriately, chose as the company's name and trademark the Armenian word for springtime.

After world war two KAROUN invented a new process to produce hygienically and industrially the very popular product in the Middle East: drinking yogurt.

This production method, still in use till now,made KAROUN the preeminent brand for drinking yogurt.

In 1952, KAROUN DAIRY introduced pasteurization and began to home deliver fresh pasteurized milk in glass bottles in addition to distributing its other products - yogurt, laban, labne, drinking yogurt, whip cream, cheese and butter, to hotels and restaurants in Beirut, and some retail stores in its neighborhood.

KAROUN owned also its own retail store in the central district of Beirut specialized in its own products and some other related products.

In 1963 the distribution system was entirely reorganized to cover the totality of Lebanon: its fleet of delivery vans distributed KAROUN products exclusively to retailers, hotels and restaurants.

KAROUN Dairy was the first to introduce in Lebanon the one-way plastic containers in 1968 replacing the returnable glass bottles of fresh milk and drinking yogurt.

It was also a pioneer in introducing the round plastic cups replacing the jars of clay of yogurt.

The same year KAROUN DAIRY began to market for the first time in Lebanon yogurt with real fruits under the brand "Yofruit".

In 1971, Ara Baghdassarian the owner's son took over marketing and administration.

As demand for KAROUN'S products continued to exceed output despite several increases in capacity, it was decided to undertake yet another expansion: to transform the firm into a corporation and erect a new plant.

Thus, Ara Baghdassarian, Alice and Khatchik Khatchadourian incorporated KAROUN DAIRIES S.A.L. (authorized on March 23, 1972).In December 1973, the new plant took over from the old facility.

In 1996, for the first time in Lebanon, KAROUN introduced yogurt, labne and yogurt drink in NO FAT- NO SALT varieties.

In 2007, KAROUN DAIRIES INC.* registered in New Brunswick began operations, supplying Near Eastern Karoun cheese to retailers in Canada.

In 2008, KAROUN DAIRIES S.A.L. licensed to KARLACTI, Inc., a USA corporation, its logo, trade dress, processes and formulas.

KARLACTI, Inc. is the sole licensee of KAROUN DAIRIES in the USA.

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